Arrivée de Madame Gladys Laffely Maillard

Perennial strengthens its presence. We are delighted to announce the arrival of Mrs Gladys Laffely Maillard, who has has decided to join the management team while continuing her independent business in the tax sector.

The management team is thus strengthened in the constant pursuit of finding more detailed advice and practical solutions for our clients, partners, brokers and colleagues.

Gladys Laffely Maillard, holder of a Masters degree in Law from the University of Lausanne, who worked for twenty years at the Vaud tax authorities, where in particular she chaired the LPP Committee of the State tax agents Conference for ten years, has managed a tax and pension consultancy firm since 2004.

Lecturer at SUPSI and the Centro di Studi Bancari in Ticino and the Swiss Tax Academy in Lausanne, where she is responsible for the personal taxation course for students studying to become tax experts, she has written numerous articles in various specialised journals and collections (e.g. Archives de droit fiscal [Archives of tax law], Rivista Tributaria Ticinese [Ticino Tax Review], L'expert-comptable suisse [The Swiss Chartered Accountant], Schweizer Personalvorsorge [Swiss Pension Funds], etc.), she is an author of the Commentaire Romand on the direct federal tax law and regularly hosts continued training, post-graduate training and professional development seminars both on pensions (e.g. Pension Days) and taxation (e.g. Symposium on family law at the University of Fribourg, Mornings and Workshops on wealth at the University of Lausanne, or wealth planning Days at the University of Geneva).

She has chaired the Board of the Profélia Foundation in Lausanne, as well as the Elite Pension Foundation in Lausanne and the Liberty Foundation in Schwyz, foundations that she helped to create; as the former director of the CIP (Intercommunal Pensions Fund), she also chaired the bylaws review committee during the entry into force of the structural reform of the LPP. 

Former member of the LPP Guarantee Fund, she is currently a member of the LPP Federal Committee in Berne.