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Les Origines du Léman en Rose
Elisabeth Dyskiewicz

Les Origines du Léman en Rose


Let's support women with breast cancer with adapted sports coaching!

We are proud to sponsor this event !

Before taking part in the next world rowing coastal championships (October 2021 or 2022 depending on the health restrictions on Covid19), I have imagined an intense endurance program, rowing 160 kms around Lake Léman. This event would be carried out in a unique and united way through a public health cause, including women who have suffered from breast cancer and are eager to start rowing as a mean to strengthen their health. Here the desire to win and courage are united !! Welcome to "Le Léman en Rose".

Did you know ? Currently 1 in 8 women is affected by breast cancer on average, so it is important to make this challenge visible and demonstrate the already proven benefits of rowing on the body and mind.

The clubs affiliated with the "RAMER EN ROSE" healthy rowing program would like a helping hand to develop their program in good conditions, so your generosity will be a real gift and a symbol of life for these women. For each donation made in this campaign, half will be directly donated in proportion to the RAMER EN ROSE clubs in Switzerland. 

Benefits of rowing

Breast Cancer can have important repercussions on the lives of the people concerned, whether physical, moral or social. During the therapeutic phase, often punctuated by operations, radio- and chemotherapy, the monitoring of their physical health and mental health is essential. This is why maintaining physical activity and adequate social integration are of great importance. The RAMER EN ROSE healthy rowing program, originally created at the Rowing-Club Lausanne (Switzerland), combines these two approaches by offering not only a personalized sporting activity, but also the possibility of exchanges between peers. This program aims to improve the quality of life of women in a favorable environment, far from the sterile and intimidating walls of the hospital. The equivalent exists in France through the AVIRON ROSE association.

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