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"Instead of hunting for the best rate,
you must ask yourself the right questions."


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  • We analyse your situation in an overall manner

  • We explain the system as a whole

  • We implement a comprehensive support process

  • We look for the best overall conditions for your unique situation


Mortgage service with a real consulting approach and comprehensive support


A mortgage offer is only relevant if it includes each client’s financial analysis in the process. The Swiss system is complex and there are many options to finance a property.  Also, at Perennial, we do not set the best rate but find the most appropriate solution for a well-understood asset situation. That makes all the difference. 


What is our approach? What are our opinions on online mortgages or hunting for the best market rates? In this Café des Courtiers (Brokers’ Café), we open the discussion on our approach to Mortgage Services and highlight the essential points to be considered before starting a project. 


A mortgage offer without asset analysis will never be perfectly suited to your overall situation.

Family Viewing House

The steps in our process demonstrate a different approach to mortgages.

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First meeting

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Explanation of the Swiss system


Implementation and support

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Analysis of your situation

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Offers and solutions

A mortgage offer is not looking for better rates but overall conditions that are perfectly aligned with your specific situation. 

Support throughout the process is therefore essential for making a relevant offer.  In addition, understanding the customer of the Swiss system and the various options is essential and is the responsibility of the service provider.

Important documents for each advisor

Request for mortgage loans


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Nos Experts
House Viewing

Let's meet to discuss your project.



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Perennial positions itself as an opinion leader in the field of business brokerage and financial consulting. We enjoy communicating all year round

Thank you for your trust!

A group company

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